Another Letter to my Son.

  My Dearest Boy: I can’t believe you are almost fifteen months old!  Despite the cliche, let me say that it seems like just yesterday I watched you enter this world, brand new.  Delivered to us helpless and fragile, drawing your first breath.  You weren’t scared though.  You were so full of courage that day, […]

Think I finally got the Pictures Page Fixed!

I’ve been struggling with the software recently, and haven’t had the time to really get in there and fix it till today! I think, however, I’ve finally settled on the format I wanted for the Pictures page, complete with pics from Holden’s first B-day (better late than never, eh?) I’ll be streamling and organizing over […]

Going Home…Twice.

  There are few things like returning home.  I am fortunate in that whenever I go to Hawaii, I am going                         home whether I am on my way there, or on the way back to Colorado.  It seems that I am of two […]

Stand and Deliver

OK, so I about had a heart attack the first time the Bug stood up last week.   Granted, he’s being supported by a table or something, but still.   He’s been pulling himself up on things, but up until last week, he pretty much stayed on his knees like a little monk praying.  I […]