Another Family Killing…

  Is it that this kind of thing is happening more often, or is it that the media is giving it alot more coverage? It seems to me that there really are more occurances of “Guy freaks out, kills family before turning the gun on himself” cases within the last year or so.,2933,517060,00.html […]

Driving Pet Peeves #3

I understand that you may be in a hurry or both blind and soft in the head.  I understand that there may have been another asshole parked next to you badly, causing a chain-reation of crappy parking jobs, but it’s gotta stop somewhere.  Park a little farther away and walk your ass the extra 30 […]

Driving Pet Peeves #2

  The guy who won’t pull UP:   Let’s say, for instance, you are moving into the left turn lane, next to a median with a cut-out that will hold 3-4 cars.  The guy in front of you, in the turn lane,  has like 1-1.5 CARLENGTHS of space between him and the car in front […]

Driving pet peeves #1

This is the first installment of a series I will be posting on driving pet peeves.  Haven driven all over the US in most of the 50 States, I firmly believe we have the WORST overall drivers right here in sleepy little Colorado Springs.  The. Absolute.  WORST.  Barring third-world and emerging countries, it is my […]