Ivory Towers

  One cannot help but notice that happiness is not common. We have good days and bad. Life goes on around us, the ebb and flow and constant shuffle of humanity walking, running, sleeping through this agreement we call reality.  Unaware that what is around us is both there…and not.  Buying into the illusion that […]

Old Friends

  Friend. It’s my favorite word in the English language, included with such vaunted company as “Home”, “Ocean” and “Turbo”. Words have meaning because of the associations and experiences we have with them, so naturally, they tend to change as we grow. Words will take on more or less significance as we age…they gain weight […]

Going Home…Twice.

  There are few things like returning home.  I am fortunate in that whenever I go to Hawaii, I am going                         home whether I am on my way there, or on the way back to Colorado.  It seems that I am of two […]

So….how are you?

This is the question we usually ask each other for two reasons: 1.  We genuinely want to know how you are doing… 2.  We truly cannot think of anything else to say.  To be fair, however, it does have a nice ring to it, and the response “Fine, thanks.  And you?” gives the recipient a […]

Been a While!

Not that I have a million readers or anything, but I’d like to take this moment to say– I’M ALIVE!! Yes, I’m still here, just been in a state of temporary chaos as I change jobs, work on the various remodeling projects I have going, and spend as much time with the Little Bug as […]