Driving Pet Peeves #3

I understand that you may be in a hurry or both blind and soft in the head.  I understand that there may have been another asshole parked next to you badly, causing a chain-reation of crappy parking jobs, but it’s gotta stop somewhere.  Park a little farther away and walk your ass the extra 30 […]

iPhone Countdown #3

If my friend inside AT&T is reading this…I WILL PROTECT YOU FROM THE APPLE NAZIS WITH MY NINJA SKILLZ!!! But in the meantime, I’ll amuse myself with finding the must-have iPhone apps I gotta get on day 1. Starting with Kindle! I love the idea of having a HUGE book collection on my iPhone, as […]

Getting peed on…

One thing my kid has always been great at is peeing on people.  It all started just after he was born, with him giving every hospital staffer within 4 feet of him a good hosing down.  He got me the first night.  He got Sara shortly thereafter (I was laughing my ass off…she didn’t share […]