Another Family Killing…


Is it that this kind of thing is happening more often, or is it that the media is giving it alot more coverage?

It seems to me that there really are more occurances of “Guy freaks out, kills family before turning the gun on himself” cases within the last year or so.,2933,517060,00.html

I mean, that’s just a few results from a quick Googling of “Man Kills Family”.

There are TONS more, not only in the US (although from what I’ve seen, we have the most).

I just have to ask…


I know we’re not living in the easiest of times, but seriously, what goes through these guys’ minds?  What could possibly be SO BAD that one would think: “Yeah, we’d all be better off dead, so I’m going to end it…for all of us.”?

How could all that love–all that family-ness turn into murder and rage?

I don’t understand.  And I hope I never do.

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