I’m such a geek…

Well, you gotta set up all your stuff and get all your contacts sorted out…clean up your iTunes library mess around on YouTube you know.

Of course it’s kind of ridiculous because, well I’m at home with a computer hooked up to my big screen and a wireless keyboard on my lap. But instead, here I am looking like quite the knob posting to my blog from my phone…just cause I can.

It’s actually amazing just how much stuff you can do with this thing, and just how useful it really is.  I used to play around with windows mobile and it just never felt this integrated or usable.  It’s definitely not perfect, but compared with all the other devices I’ve used (and I’ve used most of them) the iPhone is simply the most amazing.

It doesn’t multi-task…at all, except in the case of listening to your ipod while running certain other apps…such as Amazon’s Kindle for iPhone.  Menus and functionality is snappy if not instantaneous .  GPS lockup is a little slow too, and the lack of a turn-by turn navigation built-in is a little disappointing, although new apps are supposed to be on the way to address that.  I occasionally experience Safari browser “poofs”, which are annoying, but liveable.

My biggest gripes are about to become moot points, as they are getting fixed with the 3.0 update this summer: the lack of MMS, and the lack of Cut+paste.

But they really hit the nail on the head.  It’s been really easy to adjust to typing on the touchscreen (luckily I’ve got the fingers of a Times Square pickpocket).  Navigation coudn’t be easier or more intuitive and so far, I’ve found an app for everything I’ve wanted to do with the iPhone (and then some).

So, even though I feel like a geek doing this from my phone, with a computer sitting in front of me, consider it a test run for all the cool mobile blogging I’ll do in the future…


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1 thought on “I’m such a geek…


    (May 24, 2009 - 12:02 am)

    Hey Colorado! Congratulations on the iphone. I am not even ready to go there. Wifey has one, service is softbank. It hasn’t really caught on completely in JP yet…The Big three still rule (Docomo, AU, Softbank)
    Dude, I got you bookmarked now, (I have been lost in the sauce since golden week)!

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