Another Letter to my Son.


My Dearest Boy:

I can’t believe you are almost fifteen months old!  Despite the cliche, let me say that it seems like just yesterday I watched you enter this world, brand new.  Delivered to us helpless and fragile, drawing your first breath.  You weren’t scared though.  You were so full of courage that day, my little warrior.  Our eyes met, you saw into my soul and etched a permanent smile onto my heart that makes my every breath a laugh.

Let’s see, what has happened your first year?  Quite a lot actually, and although you may not remember all of it, it all has had an effect on your life.  It’s funny, really, how all these events happening around you now are the proverbial “butterlfly wings” flapping in Central Park, sending ripples through your life and effecting your future in ways we will never really understand.

You were able to spend seven months with your Grandmother (Abigail , whom I will tell you more about soon).  You were the light of her life.  It’ s funny though, because she never thought your dad would settle down and have a child!  She used to bug me constantly about when you would be entering her life.  But you guys got seven good months together, and they were the best!  You’d smile at her and laugh…all she could talk about was you and how perfect you are.

You also got to know your Grandpa, who also loves you more than he can say (he’s the one who always stops by to interrupt your naps).  He’s going to teach you alot, and I suggest you pay attention, because it’s all useful in one way or another.  He’s my Dad, just like I’m your Dad, and he’ll invent ways to spoil you.

Your mom and I split up in those first months too.  We’ll talk to you about that one day soon too, but I can tell you this with absolute certainty:  You had NOTHING to do with it at all.  We had our reasons, and one day when you can understand them, we’ll talk about it.  The thought you should keep first and foremost in your mind is that we both love you more than anyone else in this world can, and in ways no one but us will.  Little Bug, you are the sum total of everything that is best in us.  And love is too small a word for what we feel about you.

I’ve watched you go from tiny and helpless to ferociously independent in this short time.  You had a hard time learning to roll over, but once you did, crawling was a very short journey away.  Once you could get around, you gave me a few more grey hairs, and found new ways to make my heart almost stop, but it was only for a few months or so.  Then you were walking.  This activity added new dimensions to how you could get into trouble.  But it also added to my pride in you.  Seeing you struggle to your feet, and fall down so many times made me admire your heart and bravery.  You rarely cried when you fell.  You just quietly got to your feet once again, with your eyes on whatever it was you were walking to.  You never quit, never faltered.  Just kept on getting up and with perfect faith in yourself, are mastering this miracle of controlled falling we call walking.

Watching you made me keep getting up when I didn’t think I could.  Your quiet courage made me ashamed that I ever complained about anything.  Thank you for that.

It’s truly astonishing how fast you are learning things too.  Scary almost.  I can’t wait to teach you more, and the time will come when I will show you the arts of  Hand, Blade and Bow, but remember…it is those of the Pen which will be most useful, and I’ll not leave those entirely to the school systems either.  It’s a difficult world we live in, and I’m sorry we could not have chosen an easier time for you to join us, but we cannot always choose our circumstances.  The good news is that it’s an exciting world you live in too.  You are already seeing things that your Grandfather only read about in science fiction, and you’ll see things that your Dad could only imagine.  It’s in you that we place our future.  It’s not my world anymore.  It’s time for us to prepare it for you, and for now all I can say is that it needs change.  We didn’t do all the things we wanted to, and quite frankly, we messed a lot of it up pretty badly.  But I want you to know a few things:

1. We did not do it with evil intent.  It was not our wish to leave the world in worse shape than it was given to us.  We are trying to change it now, and I feel that we have the means to make it right by the time you take over.

2. We always thought it was us who were meant to fix things.  It wasn’t us.  We were stepping stones, paving the way for you.  We created a global communications network and infrastructure that allows people from all over the world to share ideas and information.  Not everything you see there is true, so it’s up to us to teach you how to make your own decisions and come to your own conclusions.  It’s called the Web, and you will learn to leverage it in ways we never thought of.  But remember–it is the greatest tool ever created by mankind, but it is only a tool.  It’s the heart that beats inside you, and the passions which inflame you that drive how that tool is used.  It’s your dreams about the future and your hopes for progress that allow it to be a force for good.  It too, is a stepping stone, designed to help you make something new.

3. Learn all you can about everything you are interested in.  You are already naturally curious.  I will do everything I can to make sure you don’t lose that.

4. There are people in this world who will tell you that aggression is the proper response to most problems.  They are wrong.

5. Keep getting up, no matter how many times you fall.  It’s not just about you personally, it’s also to set an example for those around you…so they can see how it’s done.

6. Eat your veggies.

So, that’s it for now, my Little Warrior.  I’ll be writing you more letters, and probably repeat myself a few times, but that’s what Dad’s do.  I’ll also try to teach you what I know about being a man while giving you enough time to be a kid.  I’ll show you the world, and keep you safe.  I’ll scold you when you do things you’re not supposed to do.  And most importantly, I’ll love you with every fiber of my being.  Cause that, my son, is also what Daddies do.

Jaa ne,

Colorado Dad.

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