Been a While!

Not that I have a million readers or anything, but I’d like to take this moment to say–

I’M ALIVE!! Yes, I’m still here, just been in a state of temporary chaos as I change jobs, work on the various remodeling projects I have going, and spend as much time with the Little Bug as I can.  His mom’s been in San Francisco on vacation (so of course he’s gonna rake in the phat loots like a little bandit when she gets back).

I work in a high-rise in downtown Colorado Springs, which, if you’ve ever been to the Springs, is not much of a downtown.  But, Joe Biden is staying at the hotel attached to my building, and as a result there’s NO FUCKING PLACE TO PARK.  The entrance to the parking garage is blocked off by police cars, complete with bored looking officers with remarkably apologetic looks on thier faces.  So, I wound up driving around downtown for about forty minutes until they finally opened one of the entrances to my office building.  Bah.  We also got a memo stating that all of our vehicles were to be sniffed by bomb squad dogs.  Hope that Saran Wrap can sheild the smell of the Howitzer is keep in my car for self protection.

In other news, I start a new job with an online advertising firm with some guys I worked with back in 2000 or so.  I can’t wait!  Unfortunately, that’s left me with short-timer syndrome at my current position.  Roughly translated, a serious case of the FUCKITS.



origin (Latin: fucktum) 


A state of being characterized by an apathy towards standards usually deemed important by oneself or society.  Also considered a temporary sickness denoted by the absolute lack of giving a shit at all for the time being.


“Dude, you haven’t done shit all day.  You got the fuckits?”

Horrible, I know, but I can’t help it.  Remember the last week or so of your Senior year?  Like that, only worse, ’cause now I have money and a car.  Yeah…Spring fever on steroids.  The good ones, like the baseball players get.  Un-detectable, except in the case of a well-trained police dog, who probably has his nose jammed into the bottom of my car, and a puzzled officer wondering how in the hell I got a Howitzer under my driver’s side seat.

Anywhoo,  I’ll be back very very shortly, with something more adventures of Colorado Dad and Little Bug, but in the meantime, remember:

Only time can cure the Fuckits.


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