So….how are you?

This is the question we usually ask each other for two reasons:

1.  We genuinely want to know how you are doing…

2.  We truly cannot think of anything else to say.  To be fair, however, it does have a nice ring to it, and the response “Fine, thanks.  And you?” gives the recipient a nice way of re-engaging you , however lame it may be. Call it convention, but it’s a social nicety that probably isn’t going away anytime soon, and well…it has its place.

But what I want to know is, truly…How are you?  Everyone OK?  In light of the last year I’ve had, my criteria for “OK” has changed quite a bit.  Used to be that I had all kinds of things to worry about hat really didn’t mean a damn thing in perspective.  Now, “OK” for me, means :

1.  Is anyone bleeding, ill or dying?

2.  So, no one’s hurt?

3.  We’re all well fed, have a roof over our heads, and such?

…Good to go then.

It’s not that my standards for happiness have slipped per se…it’s just that it takes less to make me happy.  So, to run down my checklist:

1.  No one I know seems to be seriously hurt.  No one’s bleeding.  No one’s ill, and one person who was ill, seems to have everything under control for the time being.

2.  Really, no one.

3.  Yup.  Circumstances might not be perfect for some of us, but yeah…we have what we need, and even some luxuries.

We can further qualify things by saying that I have a son who is becoming more and more amazing every day (got another story about him to post this weekend).  I finally have a computer I haven’t had to get under the hood and tinker just to make it do what I want, I have a new job for more money that I really really  like.  The house is coming along nicely, and despite being insanely busy (to the point of having to ignore the blog…sorry folks) I’m happier than I’ve been in a while.  Things are looking up and life is good, but all that it really takes to make me happy on a fundamental level is 1/2/3.  Everything else is sparkle and shine…which I’ll take as much of as I can, thank you very much.

Another plus:  The Bug is almost walking!


So, how are you?

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