Go West my Son


I don’t have much time, so instead of hunting down a pic of Hawaii, here’s a picture of Holden with CAKE ALL OVER HIM FACE!!

Technology makes things sooooo much nicer while traveling. iPhone–$199.  MacBook Pro–$TOO MUCH. Earphones–$50.  Not having to listen to the old lady next to you yammer on about her Yorkies for five hours??  PRICELESS.  And a bargain at twice the cost.  I can pretty much say, though, without question, the greatest traveling gadget ever created is, by far, the iPhone.   More on that later.

I had the foresight to download a few episodes of shows I haven’t had a chance to catch, a movie or two, and most of my music library with plenty of room left for taking pics and vids once I get to the shores of my ancestral and spiritual home, Honolulu.

I am sitting in the Phoenix airport (which, I’m convinced is the worst airport I’ve ever been to).  My father is on my right, snoring, while I scope chicks and anticipate the rather elusive Decent Chinese Food (stuffus facias non-americanas). I can tell you for sure that this beast (not found in Colorado) does indeed dwell in Honolulu, and I plan on SLAYING said creature many times over while there.

I wish I were staying a bit longer (in Hawaii, not the Phoenix airport) but, I have to get back to the Bug ASAP, and of course I’m a workin’ stiff and that work ain’t gonna do itself lol.  We are going home to complete my Mom’s wishes to have her ashes scattered.  I’d like to write more about that, and in the future, I shall, but for now I think I used the last of my words on her eulogy in January.  My Mom and I were very very close, and her passing has effected me in ways I do not fully understand just yet…and I certainly do not possess the pen, nor the skill with which to describe it to you.

I’m hoping to post more regularly over the next few days, at least, and share my thoughts on life, love, good food, and being back at the ocean once again.

Hawaii.  You either go there, have a good time and remember it forever, or you go there, and never really leave, no matter where your life takes you.

Home, I’ll be there soon.

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