Fatherhood Friday and the TV Dad.

Let me begin by apologizing that I’ve been absent from the FF roundup every Friday, and that my blogging has been sporadic in general.   (Insert all kinds of excuses here)

For those of you who watch Heroes, no doubt you are familar with Noah Bennet.  Adopted father of Claire Bennet, the indesdtructable girl, Company man.  He’s been the bad guy, the good guy, and the one who nobody can seem to figure out at times.  Calm, cool, calculating.  Ruthless, cunning and manipulative to no end, Noah’s dedication to his job is often ad odds with his love for his family and especially, his daughter, Claire.


Throughout the series, we find out that although his mission is to hunt and subdue those with special abilities, he is given little Claire as an infant and does what all new fathers do…

1. Panic

2. Fall in love

There he is, holding a baby girl who he knows eventually have to give up, and he completely falls in love with her.  It changes him right at that moment, like it did to all of us.  His job was the central fact of his life before this, and, while still important, it takes secondary role compared to the safety of his Claire Bear.

Something about that dichotomy is intensely intriguing to me.  The ruthless, driven, stop-at-nothing Company man, who, as it turns out is a good and caring father and husband.  Watching Noah’s character develop over the seasons made me wonder about just how far I would go to protect my son.  His safety is my primary and overriding concern, and my first instinct at the thought of a threat to him is a roaring, feirce and almost predatory flash of barely controlled fury.  A parent’s protective instincts are one of the few forces in the world that make me shrink back in fear…I would never want to be on the recieving end of that kind of wrath.

The relationship between Claire and her father seems to me (despite the fact of their circumstances) to be fairly normal, all in all.  They fight, they disagree on fundamentals, she’s willfull, he’s stubborn, she disobeys, and in the end, he realizes that he can’t control her and has to trust that they did a good job raising her, and she realizes that he’s really just looking out for her the best he can.

Don’t we all go through something similar with our parents?  I was willfull, disbedient, often openly rebellious.  In retrospect, I was an idiot.  At the time, however, I felt that my folks were out of touch, and completely ignorant of what it was to be me.  I imagine that we were both right.

I admire the guy, when it comes right to it.  No matter what despicable thing he’s done, or how many times Claire endangers herself…no matter what, really, he loves his daughter, and nothing can change that.

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2 thoughts on “Fatherhood Friday and the TV Dad.

    PJ Mullen

    (October 9, 2009 - 7:10 pm)

    I don’t watch Heroes, but I know exactly what you mean. My son is only knocking on the door of 18 months and already he is showing how stubborn he is going to be. I can already see a dozen years into the future and how we will be bumping heads. No matter what I’m going to love the little maniac.

    Colorado Dad

    (October 14, 2009 - 8:24 am)

    Ha! I totally get you, PJ. Mine follows me around the house dismantling things as if he had a full toolkit hidden in his diaper. I wonder where yours gets his subborn-ness? You, or his Mom?

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