Me…aaaaand my Shadow!

I know eventually that my son and I will grow apart.  It’s an inevitable part of growth that I both look forward to and dread with equal parts of my heart.

He will become more and more independent, the hugs will be fewer and he will stop thinking that I’m the coolest thing since Legos.

But for now, I am cherishing the fact that he follows me everywhere I go!  I love the fact that when he wants to watch tv, he has to be either on my lap or so close to me that he almost is anway.  He is always watching what I do, and trying his best to imitate certain things as well.  If I leave the room, he immediately scurries after me making sure I don’t go too far, and if I’m cooking, he always stays where he can see me (which is highly convenient, as I of course want to make sure he stays away from my home theater equipment).

I’m currently taking advantage of this by having him repeat words after me, and increasing his vocabulary by holding things up and saying what they are in addition to more complex chains of things, like my current favorite game: “Time to clean up!”  Upon which, the Bug will start picking up his toys one by one, and putting them away until the living room is actually very close to being free of clutter.  We play this game before every meal, so when he’s done putting away his toys, he’ll run up to me holding out his hands to be washed saying :”Pwesss, pweees” which is his best pronunciation of “PLEASE daddy stop faffing about and get me some damn food ‘fore I eat the furniture.”  Never one to miss a meal, this kid.

Not bad for 17 months!  I will be working with him on the following:

“Ok, time to change Daddy’s oil!”

“Ok, time to cut the grass!”

“Ok Bug, time to invent something groundbreaking so you can fund daddy’s retirement!”

As bright as he is, I’m sure it won’t be long.

But on the other hand, I’d be perfectly content to change his diaper until the end of my days and have to bathe him in perpetuity.  I’d fix his meals for him and carry him when he gets tired of walking and dress him every morning if only he’d stay my little shadow, snuggled up tight while watching the Incredibles or Cars.  I know I will be glowing with his every accomplishment, and proud beyond imagining watching him grow into the man he will become…half of me can’t wait for those days.

The other half, however is going to miss this sweet little boy who always gives hugs and holds my hand sometimes for no reason at all.

All my best,


Post Author: Kyodai

2 thoughts on “Me…aaaaand my Shadow!


    (January 1, 2010 - 7:39 pm)

    I can relate with your story. I too have a son who loves to sit on my lap as we watch TV, come with me everytime I leave home to buy something, and even sleep beside me on bed. Sometmes it does feel like he’s a living shadow. And yes, we bond with these little chaps now. As they grow, such expression of affection becomes more subdued…and we will have to watch out more for our beer in the fridge.

    Colorado Dad

    (January 2, 2010 - 1:25 pm)

    Haha! Yeah, I already have to make sure I keep whatever I’m drinking out of arm’s reach! I’m going to miss these times, I’m sure, but I also very much look forward to teaching him all I know about life and what it has to offer. When I’m a hunched over old man, though I’m sure these times will be at the top of my list of favorites.

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