The Apple iPad…Dare I Have Doubts?


OK, so i’ll admit when i first heard about the iPad (I was rooting for the name iSlate)I was expecting a full on-OSX device with all the wireless connectivity, ease of use and that typical Apple “WOW” factor.

And like…lasers.  Maybe  even a teleporter.

I’ll warrant that maybe we’ve all become a little jaded about how cool the iPhone really is, but it seems that this really is a big ass iPhone…without the phone.

Nifty.  So the iPad can serve as a really cool reader, and other than that, the only real benefits I can see involve a much nicer (and larger screen+ all that entails), that’s really about it.  I mean, it only seems to do a max res of 768 (720p on H.264).  That probably looks amazing on the device itself, but would have been AWESOME is they had included a Mini-dv-port out, and full HD ouput capabilities.  I know that would require a MUCH beefier onboard video and CPU investment…but doesn’t it seem like Apple has the infrastructure to support that?  I would have LOVED to see a much larger storage capacity involved as well.  64GB would be amazing on a phone, but seems a little anemic on a dedicated media  device.
At this price point, however, I understand the restraint Apple had to show with the iPad’s internals.  It’s not a laptop, it’s not an iPod–it’s somewhere in between.  A device seeking a purpose, much like the original iPods were.  It was really all about the content delivery mechanism, and if iBook can do for Apple what iTunes accomplished…then this device has the potential to shake the foundations of yet another struggling industry–print media.
In the end, even though I have a hard time figuring out how such a device will fit into my life, as with all things Apple…I still want one.
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1 thought on “The Apple iPad…Dare I Have Doubts?


    (April 11, 2010 - 8:32 am)

    I’m going to have to get me one of those. Looks cool.

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