Who are you Right Now?
      Do you know?  If you answer yes, you’re probably wrong.  My opinion, worth exactly what you paid Read more.
A Day in the Sun
  Funny sort of winter we’ve had so far this year, bug.  Usually it’s snowed by Halloween, and by November Read more.
…And he Suddenly Reappears, ‘Cause that’s what Ninjas Do…
  Those of you who have known me for any length of time, are familiar with my disappearing acts.  *Poof* Read more.
The Apple iPad…Dare I Have Doubts?
  OK, so i’ll admit when i first heard about the iPad (I was rooting for the name iSlate)I was expecting Read more.
Me…aaaaand my Shadow!
I know eventually that my son and I will grow apart.  It’s an inevitable part of growth that I both Read more.
The Holidays Without Mom.
  If you’re not familiar with Fatherhood Friday,  check it out over at  Dad-Blogs.com!    Every  Friday, daddy bloggers from Read more.
Fatherhood Friday and the TV Dad.
Let me begin by apologizing that I’ve been absent from the FF roundup every Friday, and that my blogging has Read more.
Another Letter to my Son.
  My Dearest Boy: I can’t believe you are almost fifteen months old!  Despite the cliche, let me say that Read more.
Ivory Towers
  One cannot help but notice that happiness is not common. We have good days and bad. Life goes on Read more.
Old Friends
  Friend. It’s my favorite word in the English language, included with such vaunted company as “Home”, “Ocean” and “Turbo”. Read more.
Think I finally got the Pictures Page Fixed!
I’ve been struggling with the software recently, and haven’t had the time to really get in there and fix it Read more.
Going Home…Twice.
  There are few things like returning home.  I am fortunate in that whenever I go to Hawaii, I am Read more.
Go West my Son
  I don’t have much time, so instead of hunting down a pic of Hawaii, here’s a picture of Holden Read more.
Happy Father’s Day everyone!
  If you’re not familiar with Fatherhood Friday, check it out over at Dad-Blogs.com!  Every  Friday, daddy bloggers from all Read more.
So….how are you?
This is the question we usually ask each other for two reasons: 1.  We genuinely want to know how you Read more.
Hi. I’m a Mac. Was a PC.
I was the guy bashing Mac fanbois for years for their cultlike following and seemingly blind following of Apple dogma Read more.
What I Want for my Son
  Not long ago, I was asked a question about what I wanted for my son when he grows up. Read more.
Been a While!
Not that I have a million readers or anything, but I’d like to take this moment to say– I’M ALIVE!! Read more.
I’m such a geek…
Well, you gotta set up all your stuff and get all your contacts sorted out…clean up your iTunes library mess Read more.
Your Dad’s Music
  If you’re not familiar with Fatherhood Friday,      check it out over at Dad-Blogs.com!  Every  Friday, daddy bloggers Read more.

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