Driving Pet Peeves #3

I understand that you may be in a hurry or both blind and soft in the head.  I understand that there may have been another asshole parked next to you badly, causing a chain-reation of crappy parking jobs, but it’s gotta stop somewhere.  Park a little farther away and walk your ass the extra 30 […]

Driving Pet Peeves #2

  The guy who won’t pull UP:   Let’s say, for instance, you are moving into the left turn lane, next to a median with a cut-out that will hold 3-4 cars.  The guy in front of you, in the turn lane,  has like 1-1.5 CARLENGTHS of space between him and the car in front […]

Driving pet peeves #1

This is the first installment of a series I will be posting on driving pet peeves.  Haven driven all over the US in most of the 50 States, I firmly believe we have the WORST overall drivers right here in sleepy little Colorado Springs.  The. Absolute.  WORST.  Barring third-world and emerging countries, it is my […]