I’m such a geek…

Well, you gotta set up all your stuff and get all your contacts sorted out…clean up your iTunes library mess around on YouTube you know. Of course it’s kind of ridiculous because, well I’m at home with a computer hooked up to my big screen and a wireless keyboard on my lap. But instead, here I […]

iPhone Countdown #3

If my friend inside AT&T is reading this…I WILL PROTECT YOU FROM THE APPLE NAZIS WITH MY NINJA SKILLZ!!! But in the meantime, I’ll amuse myself with finding the must-have iPhone apps I gotta get on day 1. Starting with Kindle! I love the idea of having a HUGE book collection on my iPhone, as […]

Iphone Countdown

    OK, so I’ve held out for about as long as I can.  Which, considering how much of a gadget-nut I am is incredible in and of itself.  Those of you who know me also know that if there’s a gadget I’m interested in,  I research the hell out of it, then do a […]